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Yocan Orbit Concentrate Pen

Yocan Orbit Vaporizer Pen

Yocan Orbit Concentrate Pen Yocan Orbit Concentrate Pen. With a coil-less quartz cup at the helm, featuring a Top Vertex Airflow System and two Quartz Balls to depict the ultimate aesthetics of vapour while transmitting even heating. Coupled with a 1700mAh battery which can offer 3 voltage levels, the Yocan Orbit is ready to show […]

Terpene Infused Vape Juice: Everything You Need To Know

Posted by:-  Kathy T. Cooley –  These days vaping is rapidly becoming widespread. Vaping has become a preferred method for consumption of weed for a lot of people. There are a wide variety of options for e-juices. However, terpene infused e-juices is a new trend on the horizon.   What Are Terpenes? Terpenes are the essential […]

Making Concentrates And Extracts To Maximize The Cannabis Trims

Posted by:-  Wax Liquidizer –  Wax Liquidizer is a proprietary blend of ingredients including Lab/Medical Grade Propylene glycol or PG. Wax Liquidizer is a PG based proprietary blend that includes several levels of PG some of which include PG, PEG200, and PEG400.  Recognized as safe by the FDA PG is used in many foods, medical and […]

Happy Vaper – Reviews / Tips & Tricks for Vape Pens, Cartridges, Tanks and Coils

Happy Vaper – Reviews / Tips & Tricks for Vape Pens, Cartridges, Tanks and Coils Wax Liquidizer is Proud to Present “Happy Vaper”. Happy Vaper provides reviews and insights into Vape Pens, Cartridges, Tanks and Coils with the specific emphasis on using Concentrate infused e-liquids. Now let’s meet Happy Vaper! Meet Happy Vaper Like many […]

Pre Filled Vape Cartridges – Tasty Savings Made Easy

PRE FILLED VAPE CARTRIDGES – TASTY SAVINGS MADE EASY Pre filled vape cartridges provide consumers tremendous advantages in consuming of CBD. So many “Pros” but One huge “Con” when it comes to cost. Now you can enjoy all the benefits of pre filled cartridges at a fraction of the cost. Enjoy the convenience, the discrete […]

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