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Wax Liquidizer is a proprietary blend of ingredients including Lab/Medical Grade Propylene glycol or PG. Wax Liquidizer is a PG based proprietary blend that includes several levels of PG some of which include PG, PEG200, and PEG400.  Recognized as safe by the FDA PG is used in many foods, medical and baby products. PG is classified by the FDA as GRAS – Generally Regarded As Safe

Most all Vape Oils contain PG. Many are blends of PG and VG (vegetable glycol). PG is thinner than VG. PG is odorless and tasteless. It has a greater stabilizing ability than VG, this makes it a perfect ingredient for Wax Liquidizer.

PG is also found in Asthma inhalers and a host of beauty products its ability to stabilize ingredients and keep them from separating makes it a common ingredient in many industries. Here are a few products it is in that we consume

Ice Cream

Ice Cream one of the favorite desserts enjoyed in the United States. The use of propylene glycol in ice cream as an antifreeze product prevents ice crystals from developing. It helps ice cream retain its shape once packed and maintain its creamy texture.

Soft drinks

Most soft drinks contain carbonated water, sweetener, caffeine, acid and flavorings. Soft drinks use propylene glycol. Propylene glycol is a perfect because of it acts as a flavor carrier and stabilizer. This property of the chemical compound enables soft drink producers to ensure optimum flavor during storage for later consumption. It is also a bacteria inhibitor and is an ideal ingredient for soft drinks.


Scare Tactics

PG and PEG because of their properties are used in industries from Pharmaceuticals, Foods, Beauty Products, Automotive Industry and countless other manufacturing processes. Due to the fact that vaping is proven to deliver less carcinogens and tars to users as compared to smoking, the tobacco industry fills the internet with headlines like “PG is Used in Anti=Freeze. This is true… water is also used in anti-freeze. The reality is PG in its several (600) classifications is recognized as a healthy product by the FDA or it would not be in Soft drinks and Ice Cream.

The use of studies using much higher temperatures for vaping than needed is also being used to create panic over the use of these ingredients.

Wax Liquidizer has developed a proprietary blend of PG and PEG that provides a very smooth vaping experience. You may notice that all of the Wax Liquidizer flavors are all based on natural fruits and herbs. These flavorings are used in exact ratios to provide all of our Wax Liquidizer products to the highest quality and consistency of vape oils on the market today.

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Natalie Gray is a Biochemical Engineer. She works in the Research and Development team that focuses on the design and construction of unit processes. She is a recreational marijuana supporter and her love for organic chemistry brought her to medical cannabis. She grows her own flowers, working on different projects and study everything above and under cannabis roots.

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