Pre filled vape cartridges provide consumers tremendous advantages in consuming of CBD. So many “Pros” but One huge “Con” when it comes to cost.

Now you can enjoy all the benefits of pre filled cartridges at a fraction of the cost. Enjoy the convenience, the discrete nature and the quick acting results of CBD vape cartridges with this extremely affordable method. Check out how easy it is to start saving today with this video.

The ability to make THC Vape Cartridges this quick and easy is just the beginning of the freedom this process gives you. Now you have real choices when it comes to vaping CBD. You can choose your strain and type of concentrate. This gives you options of many CBD specialty strains that you can only enjoy when you make pre-filled vape cartridges.

The freedom of choice in concentrates is then enhanced by having the choice of 7 great flavors. You can find all the great flavors we offer on our Shop Page of the website. Some of our customers don’t stop there. Read this review by one of our customers and check out some of the tips and tricks he is using to create some truly special cartridges.

“Wax Liquidzer is the best product on the market, bar none.It’s very easy to use, inexpensive and there are a few delicious flavors available.

I’ve found a 2.4-1.3 ratio works well and provides a nice, slow vape, and super good flavor profile. Natural is extra tasty (depends on quality and strain of material, though), but the strawberry and banana are good, too. I’ve done quite a few 2.0 strawberry to .5 banana brews that turned out well, and have also done an equal amount of 2.0 banana to .5 strawberry batches.

Mixing at that exact ratio (with 1.3 material) really brings out the flavor of each…. not too sweet, not too pale. With this product readily available, and of course well made, it’s obvious that home brewing is the only way to go.” Read the full review

As described by Jack in his review you can see that flavor and blending flavors is not the end of the line in the freedom of making your own pre filled cartridges. Notice how he is changing ratios of Wax Liquidizer to concentrate. The ability to adjust the lift in your cartridge is a huge benefit that cartridges at dispensaries can’t match.

The one aspect of vaping concentrates that is a huge plus in my opinion is I get to use my own rig. I have had countless little pens fail on me and cartridges that are cheap plastic that don’t work. I love the fact I can fill my tank and get a great smooth drag without sucking like theres no tomorrow. The use of my rig is totally discrete, creates nice clouds and is so much more enjoyable and efficient that the pre filled vape cartridges I buy at the dispensary.

If you have not tried making your own CBD cartridges you have no idea what you’re missing! Oh and did I mention the incredible Tasty Savings 🙂

Check out our Money Saving 7 bottle Flavours Mix Kit or our Wax Liquidizer Starter Kit offer

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