Evod Vape Pen 510

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Easy to use Elegant Design Solid Construction Window to show remaining liquid Sealed chamber to eliminate leaking.

  • Bottom coil to maintain a consistent flow of liquid, avoiding a burnt taste.
  • No long wicks to clog and clean, compatible with existing eGo batteries with universal 510 fitting.
  • Easy to clean and change flavour 1.6ml capacity reducing filling frequency.
  • Low resistance coils producing good vapour, easy to maintain and coils can be replaced.
  • Various colours.

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Various colours

510 fitting

  • Estimated average life 300 charges
  • Universal 510 fitting 1100mAh for longer periods between charging Bottom coil for better liquid delivery vape
  • perfect for CBD THC OIL.
  • Excellent with Ceramic cartridges
  • Contents of the Package 1 x E-Fast 1100mAh Battery 1 x MT3 Clearomiser with fitted coil 1 x USB Charger
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