Terps USA 710 Liquidizer

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Terps USA 710 Liquidizer

With the advent of Terpene Liquidisers, as people became more familiar with Terpenes and flavorless liquidisers, they started to combine the 2 together. This allowed for a better viscosity than terpenes provided. Often when using terpenes to thin concentrates the powerful properties of the terpenes provide an overpowering taste to get the concentrate to desired viscosity.

Adding the powerful properties of both taste and thinning that terpenes provide to a liquidiser requires specific ratios. It goes without saying the higher quality the terpenes and liquidiser the higher quality the terpene liquidiser.

Terps USA is now offering our 710 Liquidiser line. This liquidiser for concentrates utilises our handcrafted Terpenes with our own special blend of world class liquidiser.This allows for an affordable solution that works excellent as a liquidiser for your concentrates and extracts.

The ratio of terpenes to liquidiser has been developed to allow you to alter the viscosity of your product by using different ratios and keep a smooth great taste our hand-crafted terpenes are known for.

We developed this concentrate liquidiser to provide an easier mix ratio that creates a high-quality product at a reduced cost. This rosin, dab and wax liquidiser has our great Terps USA Terpenes that not only provide great aroma but bring a powerful force that allows for easy liquidising of concentrates.

Highest Quality Ingredients – Proprietary Formulation and Process brings you Terpene based products with unmatched taste.

Please Note there is no CBD or CBG or THC in any of our products.

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