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These days vaping is rapidly becoming widespread. Vaping has become a preferred method for consumption of weed for a lot of people. There are a wide variety of options for e-juices. However, terpene infused e-juices is a new trend on the horizon.


What Are Terpenes?

Terpenes are the essential oils that give cannabis its characteristic taste and aroma. These oils come out through the sticky resinous glands of the buds. Many herbs, fruits, and other plants produce terpenes too. There are a huge number of terpenes found in cannabis. In total, there are seven main types of terpenes associated with the cannabis plant. These are myrcene, limonene, alpha-pinene, eucalyptol, Linalool, caryophyllene, and borneol. Terpenes produce an authentic flavor and smell. They also offer a number of medicinal benefits. It works concurrently with CBD, creating “the entourage effect”.


Why Use Terpenes in E-Juices?

Cannabis can be beneficial for people with a number of health problems. However, researchers suggest that terpenes are really essential and can affect the way our brains receive and interact with CBD and other cannabinoids. Most of the CBD containing products don’t contain terpenes, but if they are added, they can offer even a number of health benefits.

Different types of terpenes have different effects on the body:

1. Myrcene:

Myrcene has earthy, and herbal aroma similar to that of cloves. It has relaxing and sedating effects. It has anti-inflammation and anticarcinogenic properties. Myrcene can also be found in mango, lemongrass, hops, and thyme.

2. Limonene:

Limonene is a medical, recreational and flavorful terpene which is found in mint, juniper, rosemary, pine, and cannabis has a citrus aroma. It has antidepressant, anxiolytic, immunostimulant, antibacterial and anti-cancer properties. It also relieves stress and elevates mood.

3. Alpha-pinene:

Alpha-pinene has a pine-like aroma and has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. It also helps in increasing energy and alertness. It is usually found in pine trees, rosemary, and sage.

4. Linalool:

Linalool has a combination of floral, citrusy and candy-like aroma. It has high antidepressant properties. It is usually found in lavender apart from cannabis and provides sedation and anxiety relief effects.

5. Caryophyllene:

It has a combination of peppery, woody and spicy aroma. It has major pain-relieving effects and has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and anti-cancer properties. It is primarily found in cotton, black pepper, and cloves along with cannabis.

Cannabis can help with many health ailments and conditions. These terpenes present in cannabis provide a wide array of medicinal benefits and helps cure a lot of ailments. As vaping has been trending so much, using terpene infused e-juices is a better option than using the simple flavored ones. Terpenes can also be infused along with CBD oil to the e-juices. This will ensure good health has it will be a combination of recreation and medicine.


Benefits of Terpenes in Vape Juices

The vape juices containing terpenes have no nicotine and no THC. These provide an unsurpassed ability to ease the body and calm the mind. They are also helpful in increasing mental acuity and concentration. They enhance creativity and imagination and also induces the ability to soothe the body and calm the mind in preparation for sleep.

Terpenes paired up with phyto extractions are helpful in a number of ways. These include regulating sleep, improving appetite, mood, immune system, pain relief, and even increasing memory. They are also known to be able to help cannabinoids to break through the blood-brain barrier.

Terpene-infused vape e-liquids are certainly gaining popularity everywhere these days, and it’s not a trend that’s going to slow down any time soon. With so many health benefits and characteristics of cannabis along with great smell and taste, it’s not hard to understand why a lot of companies and researchers everywhere have started to combine the powerful health effects of CBD with those of terpenes. To know more about terpenes and various types of cannabis strains, you can refer to marijuana guides.

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