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Wax Liquidizer is Proud to Present “Happy Vaper”. Happy Vaper provides reviews and insights into Vape Pens, Cartridges, Tanks and Coils with the specific emphasis on using Concentrate infused e-liquids. Now let’s meet Happy Vaper!

Meet Happy Vaper

Like many of you I have worn several hats in my life. I’ve worked Construction, bartended, been a former paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne, a dockboss, a student, a teacher and a Warehousing & Logistics GM. I have lived overseas as a civilian for 7 years. Yes, I’ve been to Amsterdam! I have travelled, ate, drank, lived, learned, loved and opened my eyes to a wonderful world and adventures that I never knew existed. It has been a fantastic life! Yet, it is the current odyssey and Kingly crown I now wear which has made me the happiest.

I am a stay at home dad, husband and tech writer/researcher for Vape tech with a special focus on the best for Wax Liquidizer. It was serendipity which would ultimately bring me to this happy place.

I was injured in the Army, not wounded, and the injury worsened over time due to self neglect (or a tough guy attitude). I was prescribed painkillers and told that surgery would not help with the pain. Initially, I took the pills on medical advice but the side effects were intolerable. I went to another round of doctors and came upon one who suggested that I strengthen the surrounding muscles of the injured area and smoke marijuana for the pain. He didn’t have to suggest that twice.

I joined a gym and received my medical marijuana prescription for chronic pain. The combination of training and medical marijuana worked. However, I often felt winded during runs due to smoking marijuana. I needed a more health friendly alternative.

I met with my doctor and told him about my problems with smoke. He then suggested edibles. I gave it a go but, more than once, had toooo much. The CBD content was difficult to gauge and ingest the proper amount of. It was often over or under dosed. So back to the doctor I went.


This time the doctor suggested vaping, as it is easier on the lungs. I bought some prefilled cartridges from my local dispensary. At that time the tech was not great. Cartridges usually consisted of an oil soaked piece of cotton wrapped around a wire. The failure rate of this design was probably near 70%. It was not nearly reliable enough for me so I looked elsewhere.

I began reading online and learning about vaping concentrates and discovered dabbing. I found all the usual big box names of dab-tech ie Puffco, Kandypens etc. I was interested and began to “investigate”. I spent untold money on atomizers for a variety of cheaply made devices, which constantly failed. I generally became tired of load as you go dabs and the accompanying smell. Cartridges, by this time, had somewhat improved to plastic tanks and rayon wicks. But these too had their issues, in addition to being MTL (mouth to lung).

Time would go by. My muscles grew stronger as did my interest in vaping and the tech continued to evolve.

One day, I spotted a guy blowing this huge, dense white cloud. I asked him and he said that it was nicotine e-juice. Long story short I too wanted to blow those clouds…of CBD.

Sub ohm & E-juice

I had read, just like you, about a product called Wax Liquidizer which could turn your concentrates into CBD e-juice. It was tasty, discreet and worked well. But I still wasn’t happy with the pen style cartridges because I wanted giant face melting drags.

Alot of research, trial & error and plenty of money later I found the only large sub ohm to reliably run a CBD e-juice with Wax Liquidizer. It worked and I sang its praise on vaping forums. I was now blowing the same DTL (direct to lung) clouds that the nicotine vapers were. However, I was constantly messaged, emailed and asked if I had tried anything besides Wax Liquidizer with the tank. I hadn’t. So in the spirit of research and adventure I tried a recommendation for another type of “concentrate-solvent”.

It was terrible. I was literally actually afraid, momentarily, that I might have inhaled something poisonous it was so bad. There was this taste…Jagermeister? I picked up my phone and checked the website to see whether I had done something wrong. I saw a message from Reddit. It said “dude, don’t put that stuff in your tank it tastes like liquefied plastic bags”. That’s it! The flavour was like smoking Jagermeister and liquified plastic bags. Blech! I now had 4ml of nasty, and costly, e-juice which I couldn’t stand. I didn’t know what to do so called the only brand I knew was tasty, Wax Liquidizer, for help.

I explained the backstory as to how it all happened and asked if it would be possible to mix in Wax Liquidizer to fix the flavor. Wax Liquidizer was sympathetic but the reply was a negative. However, they too were interested in the sub ohm tank I found as well as my in depth knowledge on the subject. By now I had become a self-trained, or proclaimed, expert on the evolution of Vape tech…especially for concentrates.

The evolution has been rapid with ever changing materials for coils, tanks and wicks. The progression from cartridges to clearomizers to cartomizers. As well as barrage of batteries from pen style to mech mods to regulated mods. Temperature profiles, curves, pre heats and modern DNA/YIHI chips. It is alot to keep up with and takes curiosity, patience, money and purpose to stay in the loop.

Wax Liquidizer’s current purpose is to find the best most reliable tools for their customers to use with their product. I had already been very active in several forums on the subjects of vaping, thc e-juice and 0% dessert/snack vapes. But I found myself answering questions on one forum when I had already answered the same on another. So I started copy/pasting things from one to the other just to update everyone at the same time, and avoid repeating myself. Wax Liquidizer asked if I would be interested in helping to find the best most reliable tech for their product.

Joining Wax Liquidizer on this quest was such a perfect fit for me on so many levels. They had a product I believed in; I’ve tried others..yuk. They were super nice and down to earth. They offered a platform and incredible support for me to share my discoveries. And at the end of the day we have a common purpose..finding ways to enjoy Wax Liquidizer and share that info with like minded individuals. All of the afore events which have led to my doing something I very much enjoy have happened by very happy chance.

Thanks for reading

Happy Vaper

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